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I’m Over You, Mindy Kaling

September 1, 2012


Spoiler alert for TMP’s pilot episode. I’m no television buff, but I’ll suffer a few boob-less hours in front of the “boob tube” if it’s worth it. I’m no huge fan of Fox either, so tracking down “The Office” veteran and supposed comedienne Mindy Kaling’s new project–interestingly titled “The Mindy Project”– was something of a […]

You Tried It: Lupe Fiasco Edition

August 30, 2012


You know when people just try shit? Yeah, you do–you just thought of someone who has. I’m no professional, but plenty of experience and contact with People Who Try Shit has convinced me that there are certain class of people put on this Earth to consistently work your last goddamn nerve. I pegged Lupe Fiasco as one […]