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The Melissa Harris-Perry Show: Politics and People of Color

August 1, 2012


As everyone around me enjoys the spectacle that is the 2012 Summer Olympics (congratulations, Gabby Douglas!), I can’t help but wish things would return to normal, as quickly as possible.  And it’s not my disdain for sports (though it certainly doesn’t help) that fuels this desire, but rather, salvaging my weekend routine. From 10am-12pm EST […]

BREAKING: Obama Is A Bully

July 22, 2012


BREAKING NEWS: According to recent reports, President Obama is a bully. He doesn’t play fair. Oh, and he hates America. Or something like that. So goes the latest attempt by the Romney team to provide a counter-narrative to the one painted by the Obama camp in the aggressive Bain Capital ads being rolled out in swing states this summer. […]

Romney’s on the Run

July 19, 2012


Choosing a successful line of attack for a political campaign is a lot like being a doctor: You press until it hurts, then you know where to look. The Obama campaign is pressing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney right where it hurts–hard. His time at Bain Capital. Romney built his campaign on the narrative that as a businessman, he’s in the […]